The list of services offered is extensive and ever augmented.

PHP Development

Over 19 years of experience with PHP

Starting out with PHP 4 in 2003 and with recent projects using PHP 8.0, there's plenty of experience to draw on for your project.

Application scaling from simple hosted sites to high-availability web applications.

Where required for projects / applications for those just starting out, assistance can be provided to get started with hosting etc...

Laravel Framework / Lumen Framework / Symfony Framework
PSR spec coding

Fully fledged web application and environment loadout, design, implementation and publishing:

Simple websites - showcase your business or interest quickly and effectively

Database Driven - drive your website or app through a custom administration system

Ecommerce - customized ecommerce solutions and integrations to suit your business needs

Database Design - optimized storage and queries for your needs

Queues and Event-Driven Architecture - keep your site running at full speed and keep your viewers / clients happy by offloading long running tasks

API design, authoring, implementation - separate form from function and improve flexibility, reactivity and improve turnaround times for new project factors

API integration - setup and integration of third party tools by consuming JSON (REST), XML (SOAP), GraphQL etc...

oAuth - consume oAuth tokens or generate oAuth tokens for others to securely integrate with your software

Other Technologies
Need something different?

Upgrade / Update PHP - Upgrade from PHP 7.x to PHP 8.0+ (legacy upgrades from PHP 5 available)

Websockets - Lightning fast response times for active engagement or communication between servers / network based resources

Xero - integration of your Xero account

Stripe / Paypal - setup and integration of popular checkout options

Server Tech

Centralised and decentralised system management

Databases - MySQL / Percona / MariaDB setup, query optimisation, schema optimisation, replication and backup

Domain / DNS - Help with setting up a domain, obtaining SSL / TLS certificates, DNS tuning

Nginx Server Setup - Serve your sites directly or through a high-availability proxy

Baremetal Server Setup - Ubuntu Server, CentOS Server setup and tuning

Docker / Containers - Docker container setup from scratch for local development / deployment

Laravel Vapor - Laravel and Lumen project deployment to Laravel Vapor

Redis - Setup and support for decentralised in-memory caching, publish / subscribe mechanisms and decentralised sessions

Supervisor - Setup and support for background processing (works with queues etc...)


Mobile-first development

Bootstrap / Flex - Ensure your site / app looks its best across multiple devices

Vue App Development - Whether standalone applet or SPA, effective component based design is offered (works well with API)

LESS / SASS / CSS - Custom stylesheet tooling including mixins, looped generators, palette streaming

Services NOT Offered

WordPress - Work on WordPress is non-negotiably excluded

Magento - Work on Magento is non-negotiably excluded

Drupal - Work on Drupal is non-negotiably excluded

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